Have a Food Safe 4th of July


A few of my top food safety tips for keeping your food safe.

Most likely during this extended weekend you will host or be invited to a party.  Here are some simple prevention tips for having a wonderful and food safe holiday:

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  • If you don’t own a stem thermometer, purchase one.  Most grocery stores carry them for $4-6 dollars.
  • Wash hands scrubbing for 15 seconds and do it often. Provide your guests with a hand-washing station. Liquid soap and large drink jug like an ice tea / lemonade container, with a stay-on valve at the bottom filled with water is perfect.
  • Produce is commonly linked to E Coli and Salmonella as well as other bacteria. Wash all produce in slightly warmer water than temperature of produce before prepping and cutting.
  • Store all cold at 41 degrees or below.
  • During service the following foods need special attention since they are perfect for bacterial growth, therefore you should keep on ice and under 70 degrees and no more than 6 hours :
    • Cut greens, cut tomatoes and cut melons.
    • Salads make with pasta, potatoes and seafood.
    • Salsas, add extra lime since bacteria do not like acidic conditions.
  • Keep hot food hot. 135 degrees or above.
  • Quickly refrigerate foods after service.
  • Know your minimum temperatures:
    • Steaks, Pork, Seafood 145 Degrees
    • Ground Beef or Ground Pork 155 Degrees
    • All Poultry 165 Degrees
  • Use a scoop or tongs for beverage ice.  Hands should never be used.  It is reported that 30-50% of healthy humans have Staphylococcus aureus in their nose

This weeks ShoutOut! The Community Kitchen

Although The Community Kitchen is not a traditional restaurant I thought they deserved the first ShoutOut!

The Community KitchenThe Community Kitchen located at Episcopal Community Services of Maryland in Baltimore, MD prepares men from disadvantage situations for work in the Hospitality industry.

Three Phase Program to training for Food Service.

The three phase program starts with the student learning basic kitchen skills and food safety including completion of the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation ServSafe® program and concludes with an externship at participating restaurants.  The restaurants participating in the externship receive 20 hrs of FREE labor per week. The students receive real work experience at no expense to the business.

Graduated participants are excellent candidates for employment as well.  For information about how your restaurant can participate or hire a graduate from this exciting new program contact Derek Neal at 410-327-0013 office.

If you would like information on how to be featured in a ShoutOut! contact Sue@Marylandfoodhandler.com  or call Sue at 410-382-4325