April 2024 Food Protection Training Schedule

April 22, 2024 Virtual training through Zoom. You will need to take the exam in person or through ProctorU. When you register for both the training and an in-person exam the cost is $145 per student

April 23, 2024 In person training and computer ServSafe Exam.

Check our schedule for May and June trainings: https://www.marylandfoodhandler.com/food-safety-training-schedule.php

Food Protection Manager Training

I receive quite a few inquiries asking about the difference between the Food Protection Manager Certification training and food handler training. The clearest difference is if you are located in one of the following Maryland Counties; Baltimore (County or City), Prince Georges, Montgomery, or Howard you must have one person that is certified by passing an approved exam such as ServSafe® on duty at all times when food is being handled.

During the class that prepares you for the exam you will learn;

  • How to serve safe food
  • Learn about bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and biological toxins.
  • What can cause food to become contaminated or adulterated
  • How to protect food from contamination
  • Discussion on food allergies
  • Personal hygiene
  • Temperature control from delivery to sale
  • Facility and pest management
  • Employee training
  • Introduction to Food Safety Management Plans

Our Top-Notch training is for all staff that work with or around food and will provide staff knowledge they need to provide safe food and includes the following topics:

  • Why practicing food safety is important
  • How to handle food during the flow of food
  • What can go wrong, and the cost to the employees and owners
  • How food handlers can prevent contamination of the food they serve
  • Allergens
  • Employee Illness

For more information on which training would be best for your staff, call our office at 410-687-1015 and we will be happy to help.

You can also find our current training schedule at https://www.marylandfoodhandler.com/food-safety-training-schedule.php