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Food Safety Information

Free Downloads for your food service operation.

Handwashing Poster

Handwashing Poster

Required Food Allergen Poster

Required Allergen Poster

American Red Cross Choking Poster

Choking Poster

FDA Employee Illness Reporting Forms

Form 1-A is used after offering employee position but before start of work. It asks employee about past illnesses including the Big 6

Food Employee Interview 1-A

Form 1-B informs employees that they will report illness to you as required.

Food Employee Reporting 1-B

Form 1-C is used when asking an employee to be cleared by a doctor before working around food. It is given to the employee and filled out by medical personnel

Food Employee Medical Referral 1-C

Critical Holding & Cooking Temperatures

Holding & Cooking Temperatures

Proper Cooling Poster

Proper Cooling Poster

Sick Worker Poster

Sick Worker Poster