I pulled an all nighter with a pork shoulder

It started out with a craving for southern style pulled pork.  I made it one time before on the bbq a while back before I had perfected my techniques.  In partners with a friend we set out to find a nice piece of pork. We could not find a pork butt so we settled for a 9# shoulder.

I dried rubbed and planned on it hitting the grill first thing in the AM.  Okay, so it is Sunday and there was some over sleeping.  The offset smoker grill was  fired up a little behind schedule (like 11 AM behind schedule).  Stoking fire with hickory and charcoal all day.  A quick temp check at 5pm  still 120 degrees…okay so we plan something else for dinner.  8 pm – 130 degrees.  Hmmm…this baby is heading to the house.  10pm – 160 degrees.  Finally 12pm I have success at 185 degrees.  Wrap in foil and let rest for an hour then pull.

Hold on here…this girl needs her beauty sleep.  Of course with food safety in  mind, I decide to place in small oven with pilot light burning and go for some shut eye.  Check temp at 2 AM still above 165 degrees. Perfect.  Back for
some more shut eye.  Up at 6 am and it is still 145 degrees and it is time for some pulling. Break this baby down, put it in refrigeration and back for some more beauty sleep.  (yes it was under 70 degrees, lol)

Lunch time here I come…heat the pork with the addition of the thin sauce and perfection…Yes I pulled an all nighter with a pig but it was worth it.  Lesson learned: Don’t sleep in and don’t get a 9# shoulder if you plan on eating it that night.

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