Follow up on What is in my food?

I spoke with the Somerset County inspector today and she indicated she visited establishment and feels confident that they have adequate plans and procedures in place to prevent cross contamination.  I am not feeling warm and fuzzy.

I started thinking about other owners and the expense of training staff in the full manager certification.  I feel very strongly about proper training and I want to give everyone no matter how big or small the opportunity to have a professional training their staff in good personal hygiene, preventing cross contamination, learning how to take proper temperatures and how to properly clean and sanitize all kitchen surfaces.

We are offering a 2 1/2 hour training on August 29th.  This is perfect for line workers, prep cooks or any other staff member that you do not want to pay to attend the full two day training.  A certificate of completion will be given at end of class.  We also offer private classes in the Food Handler or Food Manager course.   Visit : for more information on classes and why you should train your staff.

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