Are you a recent Graduate looking for a job in the hospitality industry?

Are you a  recent Graduate that is looking for a summer job but can’t seem to find one even in the busy restaurant / hospitality trade?

SMF Training Solutions wants to improve your chances of being hired and being retained after the summer is over.  Get your application recognized by attaching a copy of your Nationally recognized ServSafe ® Food Safety Manager Certificate.  SMF Training believes your chances of being hired are going to be greatly increased.   No previous food service experience is required to take the class.

What is required?
  • Sign up for the June 4 & 5 ServSafe ® Food Safety Manager training in Parkville, MD.
  • Tell us what school you just graduated from in the comments section of registration form.
  • Use discount code “RecentGrad” and receive $20 off your training.  This is the biggest discount we have ever offered!
  • Take a 90 multiple choice exam the second day of training.  A 75% or better is a passing score.
  • Take the online exam and you could have your certificate as early as June 11th.  Paper exams take about 3 weeks.

While the certificate does not guarantee you a management position or employment it will increase your value as a potential employee.  Howard, Prince Georges, Montgomery,  Baltimore County and Baltimore City all require one FSM on duty at all times.  More importantly  it demonstrates to the employer that you taken initiative to become a valued member of their team and will require less hands on training.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sue at 410-382-4325



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