Michael Symon inspired Pork Tenderloin and Fall Vegetables

Oh Micheal Symon how you inspired me today. I purchased a pork tenderloin the other day not really knowing what I was going do with it. Maybe pork and sauerkraut. Then while breaking for lunch I watched The Chew and what do I see? Michael Symon was given the challenge to cook a meal out of a grab bag of ingredients. Pork Tenderloin was the protein. Perfect. Here is The Chew version of what Micheal created.

Pork Tenderloin wrapped in baconA quick trip to the store for brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes. I had the remaining ingredients needed. And although I didn’t follow exactly Chef Symon’s recipe, I was very pleased with the results. I cooked my pork whole and wrapped in bacon and seared in a cast iron dutch oven. My family is not to fond of Thyme so just a pinch. I did add garlic in the pot with the pork.

Fall VegetablesI was never a big brussel sprouts fan so I cooked them after removing the sweet potato / apple mix from a cast iron skillet. I am trying to add ginger to my diet so a sprinkle of ginger seemed like it would be a good addition and it was!  I actually liked the brussel sprouts.  Will definitively make them again this way.


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