Maryland Soft Crab Sandwich

Sue's Soft Crab SandwichWhat is better for a summer time Sunday dinner than a Maryland style soft crab sandwich.   After a day out on the water we were looking for a quick and easy dinner.   The first idea tossed about was soft crabs.  So, off to Vince’s Crab House in Middle River we went.  We opted for the $5 size, a perfect fit on a sandwich and a pound of in store made cold slaw.  Brenda the owner, took time to clean them for me at no additional charge.    A quick  stop at the grocery and back home.

A lite dredge in my special seasoning blend, lots of butter in my favorite cast iron fry pan on a medium high heat and sizzle, sizzle cook till brown on both sides and make sure it is 145° internal temperature.  While they were cooking I grilled two large Portabella mushrooms.

The only items missing from this delicious meal was fresh Maryland tomato, but I guess we will have to wait a few more weeks for that.



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